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The Semantics Group does things differently than other companies.

Every organization's needs are different. And the team that can deliver on those needs is just as unique. You wouldn't ask a professional football coach to train your creative design team. And you wouldn't bring a team of financial industry experts to solve a healthcare services problem. While they may be industry-leading in their field, aligning expertise with your organization's situation is paramount for successful talent development.With decades of experience both leading and developing sales and professional talent, Steve Maul is connected to some of the best in the industry. Depending on your organization and its needs, Steve gathers a hand-picked team based on the expertise required. The result is a tailored development program with an expert team assembled to provide the highest quality learning experience.

Our Team

Steve Maul

founder + managing principal
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Jennifer Earl

senior principal + coach + facilitator

Janice Mars

coach + facilitator

Richard Broad

coach + facilitator

Ivar Guldbrandsen


Alejandro Peñaloza

coach + facilitator

Michelle Burton

finance + accounting manager

Morgan VanDerLeest

project manager + developer

Our Partners

Giving Back

We are committed to the notion that those who have much also have an obligation to help those less fortunate. At The Semantics Group, we contribute a percentage of our profits to a variety of causes we find particularly deserving. We hope you’ll consider giving as well, either to those causes we’ve shown below or to any organization that aligns to your core values. Please click on any of the areas below to learn more.